Lisa BlankenshipRYT200

    Lisa received her 200 hour teacher training certification here on the Outer Banks from the Amalam School of Yoga in 2013. She has been instructing yoga since and has been lucky enough to practice with and learn from a beautiful mix of local instructors. Being affected and touched in some way by the many different styles of yoga her classes offer a unique blend of what has resonated with her from personal experience. She enjoys creating vinyasa flows which are suitable for all levels to feel welcome, keeping classes down to earth, focusing on proper alignment, foundation, breath, being present, aware and blossoming to your fullest potential. On the mat her intention is to help you create a better mind/body connection while reducing stress, increasing flexibility, balance, strength, and an overall higher level of mental clarity and awareness in hopes of gradually taking these benefits off the mat with you into your daily life.

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