Scott LawlorE-RYT 200

    Scott is a longtime board member and athletic coach for Dare County Parks and Recreation. Owner and operator of Hatties Wholesale Produce and Culinary Specialties, Scott is a proud and devoted dad to three beautiful, smart and kind children and an Outer Banks resident for over 20 years. Born and raised on the beaches of the New Jersey Shore, Scott’s desire and goal for teaching the ancient practice of yoga is that everyone who comes to his class will feel exactly how he feels when he himself is a student in an amazing class that leaves him so completely relaxed and yet so incredibly energized. In essence, self aware and full of peace.

    “I am so completely grateful and dedicated to my yoga practice, everyday absorbing more and more knowledge of the practice and of myself, that I’m driven to share, if I can stimulate even the tiniest spark of desire in someone or make even the smallest Improvement in how someone feels on or off their mat then I am complete.”

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    Yoga Instructor